Georgia summers are hot and humid.  Can you imagine how your dog feels being covered in fur, especially thick, long fur?  Smith Farms Kennels dog grooming service is a simple and affordable way to help bring your dog some relief from the heat.

Dogs have a natural ability to cool down through panting and sweating; however, often that is not enough. Dogs can overheat quickly causing a heat stroke which is more common than you think.

Dogs with thick long fur or an undercoat are especially prone to overheating. A summer cut by a trained professional can help.  At Smith Farms, our professional groomers can determine precisely what your dog needs to cool down.  Some dog breeds may require nothing more than a shorter cut, while others may require their undercoat to be thinned.

A summer cut makes it easier to find and remove fleas and ticks from your dog.  While your furry family member is here, ask Smith Fams to check him for fleas and ticks.  Fleas & ticks can cause all kinds of problems for your fur baby during the summer months.  Our gentle flea & tick treatment eliminates those pesky pests and leaves your dog’s coat smooth and shiny.

A good groom also helps ease the clean up of your dog’s fur after outside activities.  When your dog has shorter fur, less debris, such as sticks and thorns, gets caught in it and it is also easier to remove any that does get caught.  Further, your pup does not get as much dirt and grime stuck in fur which could permit you to simply hose off your pup after outside playtime.

Speaking of playtime, don’t forget that when your pup gets a full groom at Smith Farms, he or she is welcome to enjoy some time at our doggy daycare running around with other pups and romping in our cooling pools.  Your dog will love it!

At Smith Farms, we make sure that your pup has a good experience.  When your pet has a good experience, he or she wants to come back again and again for some summer fun and grooming.