Smith Farms Professional Groomers

Smith Farms Kennels is your best dog kennel, but we offer so much more! We also provide professional dog grooming services.  Our groomers are fully trained and have many years of experience with countless dog breeds and personalities. Smith Farms believes that regular professional grooming is a necessary part of maintaining your dog’s health and hygiene.  

Regular grooming helps to maintain your dog’s physical appearance and good health. When you maintain your dog’s coat and skin, you help your dog to look and feel his best.  Smith Farms has all the right tools to professionally groom your pup from our specially designed bathing stations to our gentle dog clippers to our pain-free nail dremel.  Further, Smith Farms uses top of the line dog shampoo to help eliminate any skin allergies, irritations, and fleas and ticks that your poor baby might suffer from.  Smith Farm’s professional groomer is also trained to recognize any injury, lumps and skin issues on your dog that many groomers may not notice.  Early detection of some conditions is crucial and often those types of conditions are found by a trained groomer.    

A good groom also helps to remove dead and loose hair from your dog so that he will be less likely to shed.  Less shedding helps to keep your home clean and helps to reduce allergies for the dog’s family members.  At Smith Farms, we gently bathe your fur baby to remove dirt and dandruff and we give him a good brushing to bring out the natural oils in his fur, making him look clean and shiny.  For dogs prone to matting, we recommend that you bring your pup to Smith Farms for our gentle dematting treatment.  Matted fur can be very painful for dogs as the chunky matts often pull on and pinch your pup’s skin.

In addition, at Smith Farms, we always include an ear cleaning with our baths.  As we clean your pup’s ears, our groomer checks for any signs of infection.  This is an important part of our grooming service because undetected ear infections are the leading cause of deafness in dogs.  In addition, we also clean anal glands, remove fleas and ticks, and other things that most dog owner’s do not wish to do themselves.  Leave it to us at Smith Farms to handle the gross stuff!    

If you wish, Smith Farms’ can also trim your dog’s nails using our gentle and pain-free nail dremel.  It is essential that you maintain your dog’s nails at a healthy length.  If your pup’s nails get too long, he can experience pain upon walking and could even develop unhealthy foot posture or infection.  Trimmed nails are also beneficial for maintaining scratch-free hardwood floors in your home!  

Lastly, taking your pup to a professional groomer plays an important role in the development and socialization of your dog, especially if you start when he’s a puppy.  At Smith Farms, we strive to give your dog a positive experience with every groom.  We want your pup to be excited when he realizes he’s coming to Smith Farms for his groom. 

Smith Farms recommends that you have your dog professionally groomed every 4-6 weeks, depending on the breed of your dog, the hair type and length.  Smith Farms is the top dog grooming in Conyers, Covington, Lilburn, Stone Mountain, Decatur and other areas of Metro Atlanta. Call Smith Farms at 770-918-9808 to schedule an appointment.