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Contact Smith Farms Boarding Kennels - Boarding Reservation

Our Address: 3436 Irwin Bridge Rd Conyers, GA
Our Phone Number: 770-918-9808
Our Fax Number: 770-679-9359
smithfarmsboarding@gmail.com (Email for any questions)

A credit card is required to hold a reservation.
Credit or Debit are the only methods of payment that are acceptable.
A 3-day (72 hour) notice is required when canceling a non-holiday reservation. Canceling within 72 hours will incur a cancellation fee.
A minimum of one-week (7 days) notice is required when canceling all holiday reservations, including spring break.

NOTE: Cane Corso’s, Dogo Argentinos and Akitas or any aggressive dogs are not accepted for boarding.

If you do not hear from a Smith Farms Kennels rep within 36 hours, please call us at (770) 918-9808.


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Address: 3436 Irwin Bridge Rd
                 Conyers, GA
Phone:    770-918-9808
Fax:         770-679-9359
Email:    smithfarmsboarding@gmail.com

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